Our entry to the GMTK Game Jam 2017. Our Dual Purpose Design is all about your health bar. Traditionally you will do everything to keep it from hitting zero, but what if it could be an active choice to take that final hit ?

Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to use.

This is our first game ever. We're four dads who tried to take a weekend out of our busy schedules and make a game of our own. We had all the problems you can imagine: sheduling conflicts, technical issues, and lack of experience. But we had a lot of fun and ended up with something we actually find pretty compelling... except for the fact that it has no ending... and plenty of bugs... Ah well, we'll do better next time.


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This game's concept is amazing, but I would like more to be added.

Thanks for playing !

I like this a lot. It hints at a lot of interesting gameplay possibilities, plus the art and sound are really nice. (Well, nicer than my project, for sure)